Sweet Treats

This was a personal project that I thought would be super fun to design for: a bakery website. I had gotten free stock photos from downloading a font called Macarons and I thought they were perfect to use for this bakery specializing in the delicate French cookie.

I enjoy planning and jotting down ideas by hand (more than I should, maybe?). Through this process I created a story for the owner and thought about what they might need on their site as a client of mine. The content is kept simple and standard for any other similar restaurant/cafe/baked goods sites: a menu page, an events page, and a place for business hours, location and contact info.

Hand drawn elements are used throughout the site to give it a fanciful feel, a fun shop where things aren’t as serious and traditional as the olden days of the creator of the recipes. To give it life, I envisioned a parallax effect on some of the elements ie. large floating macarons, fleur-de-lis and small kitchen utensils next to grandma.

Scroll through a full view of the mockup by hitting the button below!

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