The goal for this app was to create a simple scheduling system to send and receive invitations very quickly and easily. You can send an invite to one person or a group of people with just a few taps. Emojis were chosen as the visual for activities, making it universal and simple to understand, while the messaging capability allows you to get into the details if you need to. Venues, restaurants, or any meeting place can be rated and you can view which locations your friends have visited in the past.

Designer Bonus Notes: Thoughts on Adobe XD
I had a lot of fun using Adobe XD for the first time on this project while it was still a fairly new release. Think of Photoshop… but like all the fancy confusing stuff for photographers and digital artists are gone. The interface is extremely user friendly and I really appreciate the built in prototyping tool it has. Being a long time Adobe user, the shortcuts felt familiar and natural. I’ve since discovered Sketch and I’m now fully devoted to it, but I’ll definitely consider coming back to XD for any projects that are purely app-based.

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Send & Receive Invites


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