A Little About Alexis Anne

My love for design started before high school, during the era of dedicated fan sites hosted on Angelfire and GeoCities (remember those??). On the forums I would always see these awesome, stylized 100px x 100px user avatars and think, “man, I really want to make that”. So I started experimenting with a photo editing software called PaintShop Pro to make small graphics and avatars, pixel by pixel.

Some years later, I still push pixels, only now I use the industry standards–Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Working on print and web projects with various clients has taught me many other skills, like how to promote my work and sound like I know what I’m talking about (when sometimes I’m really clueless), recognizing when to shut my trap and comply, and most importantly, being humble and thankful that people enjoy my work, keeping me employed in a highly technical industry that’s constantly evolving.

At the core of it all, art is my most ingrained hobby. One of my muses when I was a kid was a small Sailor Venus figurine my dad gave me. My 6 year old self thought it was the prettiest thing ever. Most of my art is inspired by feminine beauty and strong messages. There may be long pauses between pieces at times, but I’ve kept my many sketchbooks from past years and I take pleasure in seeing my progress (read: laughing at how much I used to suck).

Creating is a never-ending experimental process and I love learning new things everyday. I hope you enjoy exploring what I have to share. Thanks for visiting!

So, I heard you’re from Canada, eh?

Yes. Yes I am.


Adobe Creative Suite 90%
Sketch App 85%
Web & Digital Design 92%
Print Design 88%
UI/UX 83%
Squarespace 90%
Unbounce 82%

Current Stats

  • Lives in New York with devoted husband
  • Likes to cook, DIY and make things in general
  • Owns a Cairn terrier that looks exactly like Toto
  • Buys too many sheet masks